Black custom leather briefcase with zip top

Black custom leather briefcase with zip top

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Please note: "Select shipping country" has been deliberately disabled in order that you may not add this product to cart. This is because this laptop sleeve is up for full customization of size and colours etc. Please visit our sister brand BagsbyAquila at for your laptop sleeve/laptop case customization needs.


Colour: black vegetable tanned leather

Size: full customization

Side: has a breadth to accommodate thick laptops and/or documents and A4 paper. Breadth is fully customizable to whichever size that our customer requires.

Material: buffalo/cow full grain leather.

Additional info: price quoted is for A4 document folder and/or 14 inch laptop size, and is subject to change with size.


Colour advice: all photos have been carefully edited to reflect our leather laptop sleeves' colours accurately. However, certain conditions remain beyond our control such as screen colours across different brands of mobile and desktop devices, and screen colours between old and new devices. Colour accuracy is to be taken as an average of all laptop sleeves photos bearing the same colour code/name, rather than of individual photos.

Natural blemishes: our full grain leather laptop sleeves are made from cow or buffalo hide, which are natural raw materials. Random occurances of scars, creases, spots, marks and other blemishes are unavoidable.

Physical viewing: feel free to come browse our laptop cases at our Singapore leather workshop / leather factory. Our local Singapore craftsmen will attend to you.